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Best of Bemidji
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Dear Neighbors,

My name is Ryan Thomas, and as owner and publisher, I would like to welcome you to the Best of Bemidji Quarterly Magazine website.

As the name would imply, we will be coming into your home four times a year with offers from Bemidji-area businesses. My goal is a simple one — to be the best piece of mail you get every three months. To a large degree, I feel I’ve already accomplished that goal.

Best of Bemidji is like getting money from home without the loads of guilt that invariably accompanies mooching off your folks. As you’ve no doubt noticed, there are tons and tons of deals in the magazine that are bound to save you money.

If, though, you just can’t get enough, check out this website for even MORE deals from these advertisers, as well as lots of other great information on every participant that we were unable to squeeze into their ads. There will be links to their sites, phone numbers, even downloadable coupons.

Best of Bemidji

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